For the last couple of years the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been going through a small arms replacement program called Land 159. This program is intended to replace all the ADF’s small arms weapon systems. Tranche 1 included the sniper rifle replacement to replace the Accuracy International SR98 and the Blaser Tactical 2.

After a long test and evaluation process Australian contractor Nioa along with Defence has chosen the Accuracy International AXSR as their replacement with a Nightforce Optic on top.

Cartridges chosen with the system include: .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum and the 7.62mm NATO.

This version of the ASXR has the M-LOK forend much like the Accuracy International ASR project in the US did.

As I find out more information I will update this page. For now though, in my opinion, the ADF has made the smart choice continuing on with Accuracy International.

Images courtesy of the ADF. Image Gallery here: