As part of the Land 159 Tranche 1 small arms replacement, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is replacing certain arms in its inventory. One of the bigger parts of Tranche 1 was the Sniper Rifle replacement for which the Accuracy International AXSR was chosen (see our story here).

Tranche 1 also called for the replacement of the Anti Material Rifle (AMR). The previous standard AMR in the ADF was the Accuracy International AW-50F; a bolt action 50 BMG rifle. Interestingly they have decided to change out the AW-50F with the Semi-Automatic Barrett M107A1 50 BMG Anti Materiel Rifle.

Details are still slim at this stage on what options they have included with the M107A1 which has been chosen; however, we can assume it will include some sort of Nightforce Optic like which is on the AXSR so as to keep training and logistical costs lower. This remains to be seen though.

Above: The Barrett M107A1 50 BMG Anti Material Rifle in one configuration which the ADF may have chosen

Nioa is the prime contractor for Land 159 Tranche 1 who also happen to be the importer for Barrett Firearms into Australia.

Having personally fired the Barrett M107 at close to 2000m I can attest to its effectiveness and seeing it used on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan I can say it will be a great tool for the Anti Materiel Rifle role. Quick follow up shots of Armour Piercing Incendiary ammunition natures on high value material targets will be devastating.

As more information comes to light on the ancillary equipment chosen with this acquisition you will be able to find it on this blog.