Like many coalition nations including the US and Australia, the Canadians are going through a small arms replacement program. Sniper rifles being one of the weapon systems to be replaced. News just out of Canada from the Sako importer Stoeger Canada the SAKO M10 MCSW has just been chosen.

The SAKO M10 will be the new Canadian MCSW

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected by the Canadian Department of National Defence to supply with Stoeger Canada the next generation of sniper rifles to the Canadian Army. This significant project emphasizes our commitment to supporting Canadian defence and law enforcement organizations.” says Raimo Karjalainen, General Manager, Sako Ltd.

Having personally had a small amount of hands on on these rifles I can say they are a top notch weapon system. The action is smooth and they are extremely accurate. I can only assume cold weather performance had a lot to do with this decision considering they are made in Finland. The price of them on the retail market is not to be balked at.

I wonder what caliber options and optic will go on it.

As more info becomes available I will update this page.

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