The last couple of years have been a bit slow for me for Precision Rifle competitions. Work, injuries and last year most significantly having our first child; however, I have decided to make 2020 a priority for Precision Rifle competitions and shooting in general.

My local club (3hrs drive away) who shoots any sort of Precision/Practical rifle competitions is Millmerran SSAA. Although it is a fair way off I’m happy to drive it. The club, the members and the competitions are awesome.

Our Match director Michael Stubbin always comes up with a great Course of Fire (CoF) that is both challenging and interesting enough to keep me going that far. Last Saturday was no different; we had 8 stages, two of which were designed by Kieran Williams (@Keiran_W81) and Brendan Greer (@RG_Precision). Cheers for the prone stage in the pissing rain Brendan.

In order to improve my own shooting I’ve decided to focus on achieving specific outcomes each match and build on them. This match I decided to focus on the Marksmanship Principles and follow up shot correction. Being a dynamic type of shooting it can be hard as you get caught up in the moment; however, for the most part I think I managed to do what I set out to achieve; although, I could do better.

Marksmanship Principles The Position and hold must be firm enough to support the weapon The weapon must point naturally at the target, without any undue physical effort Sight alignment and aiming must be correct The shot must be released and followed through without any disturbance to the position of the weapon.

The internet can be an unforgiving place especially when you post on social media; however, the shooting community has been nothing but helpful with my shooting. I have received quite a bit of feedback from well known and respected shooters in the PRS field who have helped me improve. I tend to hover around mid-pack at these matches (this match I got 8th out of 18); however, that is slowly improving. Who knows maybe I’ll pull off a top 3 this year or even clean a stage (I can’t ever remember cleaning a stage before. I have got close though).

Shooting off the milk crates from a kneeling position. Maybe I should have used a support bag under my right arm?

Until next match I will try to find the time to do more dry firing and working on the marksmanship principles and follow up shot correction still. Next match I intend to focus on building a solid position and doing it smartly using all I have at my disposal in order to achieve the best position I can.

Thanks to the club, Mick the match director and all my fellow competitors. See you in February.

If you are local to me in Brisbane (or even further afield as we had several blokes from Coffs Harbour come to this match) and wish to attend these shoots please feel free to email myself at and I’ll push you in the right direction.