Since late June I’ve been fortunate enough to own my own Accuracy International AX308. In that time I have had the OEM 308 Winchester barrel installed and recently installed a Bartlein 6.5 Creedmoor barrel I had spun up for PRS work. I’ve shot two club matches with it and one national level 2 day match. In that time I’ve never fully felt comfortable with the rifle. I put it down to an unfamiliarity with the system.

My LOP is all wrong here on the Accuracy International AX

Those who follow this site and my social media will know my previous match rifle has been a Remington 700 in a KRG X-Ray chassis. I felt comfortable behind that rifle and always did. I had heaps of time to set it up and feel right at home behind it. Unfortunately by the time I received the AX I only had a few days to prepare for a club match and then only a week or so before a national match. Not ideal; however, I made it work.

Fast forward to 20th December. The last club match for my local practical rifle club for the year. I shot okay scoring a 5th place; however, I know within myself I can do better.

When posting pictures on a forum site, another member questioned my Length of Pull (LOP). This got me thinking. Is mine right for me and my rifle? I remember listening to a podcast a long time ago where the guest was talking about how quite a few of his students come along to class with the wrong LOP setup on their rifle and a shorter LOP was better than a longer LOP. This is all information I thought I knew; however, somehow I messed it up myself. Once it was pointed out to me I felt pretty stupid. I had overlooked a critical point on rifle setup. I guess we all make mistakes.

Now this problem had been identified I set about rectifying it asap.

Here LOP has been fixed on the Accuracy International AX. The Buttstock is now at its shortest setting and the scope mount has been moved further forward on the Picatinny rail.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can get out and shoot it with the new LOP. It already feels much better on my training barricade.