For those of you living under a rock you may not know I am a big fan of the Blaser Tactical 2 rifle system based on the time proven R93. When the R8 was released I was kind of underwhelmed they continued with their trigger and magazine in one design but still impressed with the overall accuracy of Blaser rifles.

Then comes the end of September 2021 and Blaser have released images and a cool video of their new Blaser R8 Ultimate X rifle with a 10 round detachable magazine. I have to say I am actually impressed with this new offering.

Featuring a new 10 round detachable magazine design separate to the trigger, Blaser now have the under pinnings of what could be a new tactical rifle for the brand. It certainly appears to be an excellent hunting rifle design.

The new Blaser R8 Ultimate X rifle with 10 round detachable magazines

I know Alex over at Akila already has a chassis design for this rifle which I’m quite impressed with, as it now makes this rifle a viable option for the PRS or other Precision/Tactical Rifle competitions. (I may have to see about getting one down here in Australia for myself)

The new Chassis from Akila for the Blaser R8 Ultimate X. Check out their website here:
The new Chassis from Akila for the Blaser R8 Ultimate X. Check out their website here:

The Blaser R8 Ultimate X will be available in your standard cartridges available from Blaser for the R8 and able to take all R8 barrels as well. This makes the Blaser R8 Ultimate X a one rifle solution for most peoples desires for everything from .243 Win all the way up to .338 Lapua Magnum. To me this is very enticing indeed.

Cartridge choices for the new Blaser R8 Ultimate X

With this new design direction from Blaser I have to wonder if they are considering going down the Tactical rifle path again and making a Blaser Tactical 3 as the heir to the cult like following of the Tactical 2.

I can only hope. Until then mayble Akila will suit my purposes. Who knows?