In June 2019 I finally bought my very own Accuracy International AX308 from the excellent lads Danny and Tony at Delta Tactical down here in Melbourne, Australia. This is a rifle I have lusted over for many years. I could have bought any number of high end custom rifles or other high end factory rifles; however, I went down the route of the Accuracy International AX308.

So why did I buy an Accuracy International AX308? Well that is a bit of a story. A story I will tell below:

On my first deployment to Iraq as a young infantry soldier in 2006, my platoon went to the range with our Combat Teams snipers. This is where I first got to fire an Accuracy International SR98 (AW) and the AW-50F. From that moment I was hooked.

As an avid rifle shooter, at that time the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (AW) was out of my reach and wasn’t available in Australia with a folding stock like they were originally intended. To me this just didn’t feel right so I went down the custom route.

A few years later I sold that custom rifle, but had a couple of modified factory rifles that never really hit the mark for me. I also owned a Blaser Tactical 2 in 338 Lapua Magnum in that time too (a rifle I still own today). At that time I wasn’t even competing in competitions due to my geographic location and I wasn’t even interested in the competitions being run here in Australia at the time. A couple more deployments and a couple more range trips with the snipers and I got to do some more shooting with the SR98.

Enter 2014 when I was posted to Victoria. My buddy Anthony and I organised a shooting trip to the state forest so we could do some long range shooing and true some data. I took my Blaser and he took his Accuracy International AX308. Once again I got to shoot an Accuracy International.

My Blaser Tactical 2 in 338 Lapua Magnum with my mate Anthony’s Accuracy International AX308 in 308 Winchester out on a shooting trip in the state forest


In 2017 the first PRS match was held in Mildura, Victoria Australia. I entered with a modified Remington 700 in a KRG X-Ray chassis with a standard trigger in 308 Winchester. For my first match I did okay but knew I was capable of more.

After that match I met up with another bloke who invited me out for more shooting on private property. JB owned a Accuracy International AT. My exposure to Accuracy Internationals continued.

Then in 2018 I moved back home to Brisbane for work. Moving back to Brisbane afforded me the opportunity to shoot in Practical Shooting competitions and meet-up with other good shooters.

Another mate of mine, Andy invited me out shooting on private property. This time I got to shoot his AX and his AXMC. My Remington 700 was not shooting well and I believed was holding me back. I made the decision to save for my very own Accuracy International AX308.

Then in 2019 I had enough cash to buy my own. I called Danny at Delta Tactical and organised for my own Accuracy International AX308 with a folding chassis cerekoted in Elite Sand, topped with a Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 with a TReMoR3. About three weeks later I finally had my own Accuracy International.


My very own Accuracy International AX308 when I first got it. At this point I hadn’t even had a chance to shoot it.


Since I first shot an Accuracy International in the previous 13 years I had witnessed numerous custom action rifles go down at matches and on shooting trips. Mud, dust and even snow and ice had never effected an Accuracy International like those custom actions. It was an easy choice to make. Although an expensive one.

At this point in life I don’t think I’ll ever be without an Accuracy International in my armory. They shoot extremely well out of the box, they look cool, they are comfortable to shoot and have a pedigree like no other bolt action I have ever seen or heard of.

The confidence this rifle gives me is like no other. I know it will work rain, hail, snow, ice or shine. Since owning this rifle my shooting has improved out of this world and allowed me to slowly climb the score board at each match I attend. This isn’t just down to the rifle. It is a combination of the rifle, my growing ability and my confidence in the rifle system.


My Accuracy International AX308 as it currently sits with a few modifications to make it more competition friendly


That is why I bought an Accuracy International AX308.