Good afternoon fellow shooters and guests. Welcome to my site. Im going to use this page in conjunction with my Instagram and Facebook to show off some of my shooting as well as do the occasional review on a new piece of equipment or give a match report.

I’ve been shooting for almost 16 years now. My first foray into the world of shooting was when my mate Josh took me trap shooting when we were 18. From there I was hooked. A couple of years later I joined the Army as a Rifleman (Infantry) and was finally able to buy my first precision rifle. The rest is history really. Up until July this year I had never competed in an official competition. I had the opportunity to compete in the inaugural Precision Rifle Series Australia match at Mildura in Victoria. For me it was a massive learning curve competing against some really seasoned competitive shooters. I didn’t come last. I aimed for around the mid field and achieved 33rd out of approx 60 shooters. All in all a good result for my first competition.

Anyway; here it is. My first of many posts.


Precision Rifle Guy